Seek growth potential for a portion
of your retirement savings.

The Transamerica Secure Retirement Index® II Annuity may help you retire with greater confidence. It offers a combination of benefits only a fixed index annuity can provide, including:

Principal Protection

Your premium and any future interest earnings are 100% protected from market losses.

Growth Potential

Receive an initial premium enhancement to your policy value and growth opportunities based on the positive performance of an index.

Growth Potential And Principal Protection

This graph shows how index accounts protect your policy value from negative market performance and offer growth potential by locking in interest earnings based in part on the positive movement of an index. Any index growth that will be locked in to your policy value at the end of each crediting period is subject to the participation rate and spread.

This hypothetical example is provided for illustrative purposes only and does not reflect any specific contract, index, participation rate, cap or spread. Assumes no optional rider charges, withdrawals, withdrawal charges, or premium enhancement recapture charges (if applicable), which will reduce policy value.

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