The NYSE® Expanded
Opportunities Index

The NYSE® Expanded Opportunities Index is globally diversified across asset classes in equities, bonds, and alternatives. Together the 13 asset classes used in the index provide expanded opportunities for stable appreciation.

Identify Global Opportunities

4 Global Equities

United States
Developed Markets
Emerging Markets

6 Diversified Bonds

U.S. Government

3 Alternatives


Fixed Index annuities are not an investment and do not directly invest in the equities market or any index.
It is not possible to invest directly in an index.

Capitalize on Positive Momentum

Using advanced quantitative analysis techniques, Morgan Stanley developed a
proprietary formula to evaluate and strategically weight 13 asset classes.

Seek Steady Growth

The hypothetical backtested performance shown in the graph below illustrates how the index would have provided steady appreciation since 2005.

Source: NYSE. From 12/31/04 to 12/31/19. The NYSE® Expanded OpportunitiesTM Index was established 10/19/18. Appreciation before this date is backtested by applying the NYSE® Expanded OpportunitiesTM Index strategy, which was designed with the benefit of hindsight, to historical financial data. Past performance is no guarantee or indication of future performance.

Designed and Tracked by Industry Leaders

The NYSE® Expanded Opportunities Index was designed exclusively for the Transamerica Secure Retirement Index® II Annuity by Morgan Stanley Investment Management, a division of the global financial services firm Morgan Stanley.

Next-Generation Index Architecture

The architects of the index, the Solutions & Multi-Asset Group, are a specialized team within Morgan Stanley Investment Management.

Verified and Tracked by a Respected Leader

Intercontinental Exchange is the parent company of the NYSE and ICE Data Services. The methodology and performance of the index is verified by ICE Data Services on a daily basis.

Helpful Resources

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